REACH Compliance Delcaration

1. REACH regulation

REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” and is an EU regulation that came into force on June 1, 2007. This regulation redefines the European chemicals policy. It is an important step in the harmonization of chemicals legislation within the European Community. According to the basic principle “No data no market”, EU manufacturers and importers of chemicals in quantities ≥ 1t/a are required to provide scientific evidence for the safe use of chemicals. For any products based on chemical substances within EU, compliance to REACH regulation requirements is inherent in the fact.

2. REACH process

OR appointment

In order to fulfill the obligations under REACH regulation, we have appointed an OR (Only Representative-Chementors) to provide services on pre-registration, registration and other REACH compliance obligations.


We intend to retain our present product range. Based on our current product portfolio, we have successfully completed the pre-registration for the substances we produce before December 1st 2008. As a result, our products will be benefit from their transitional periods for registration, respectively. In all cases, we shall register substance of our products before the pre-registration period get expired, also we will make every effect to inform our customers in good time if individual products can no longer be supplied in the future.


We are participating in SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum), dealing with date sharing, classification and labeling harmonizing. We are pursuing an efficient registration strategy, and we will submit our registration dossier before relevant deadline. Our downstream information will be included into the registration dossier. Anyone in the same supply chain will securely export/import/use your products containing our substances under the REACH regulation. We shall support and monitor the necessary exchange of information along the supply chain. By dealing with the REACH legislation at an early stage, we have taken advantage of the possibility to recognize long-term opportunities and consequences and to react accordingly. This ensures the continuous supply and marketability of our company’s products, and thereby ensures the fundamental benefit of our customers.

We will complete the registration of the substances list below before November 30 2010. The registration of other products will also be carried out one after another before the corresponding deadline.

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)

We have established a comprehensive raw material database for our product, and will check in time once a new candidate list published. We certificate that the products manufactured or assembled in our company will not contain any SVHC, or in case when SVHC exists with a concentration below 0.1%. If our product contains any of substances in the SVHC list above a concentration of 0.1% (w/w), we will inform you the required information by conveying through updated Safety Data Sheets or other relative documents. If in future we learn of legal developments that will have a serious influence on the marketability or the use of a substance, we will immediately notify you and promptly offer alternatives.

3. Fit for REACH

Here, we can promise our customers: We are “Fit for REACH”. We will invest in the processes and systems required to ensure that ongoing compliance can be maintained effectively, and take advantage of the portfolio optimization and sustainability platform that Reach offers. We will continue to ensure smooth business processes in the future.

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